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Our Story

When a traveller was looking for a bag for a 3 days trip and couldn’t found something convenient with a suitable price that's when he started to incubate the idea of creating  an innovative practical product  

It became an obsession when he found the opportune craftsmanship and resources to create a valuable product to Suite his adventures yet its quite fashionable

We started with making 100 duffel bags which became a signature to our brand  

Pavo is all about mixing the subtle and iridescent fashion trends to create innovative bags, luggage and Footwear to meet the audience needs

Being surrounded by multicultural heritage and environment gives us the authentic look with an intersection with the global fashion trends to have unique designs

Our significance appear in the focus given to the details and provocative colors which reflects our identity

Our strength falls in our extraordinary customer care and after-sales support.
We always believe that a Happy Customer is the best source of marketing to our Brand